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Our specialty is Tandoor (Clay Oven)

Northern Indian Cuisine Featuring Our Specialty, Tandoor (Clay Oven) Cooking

Tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven native to India. This oven is of ancient origin and can be traced back several thousand years. The Tandoor is fully buried in sand for insulation. A temperature of eight hundred degrees is normally maintained inside the Tandoor.

Every Indian bread is served at the Bombay Restaurant is baked in the Tandoor. This is done skillfully by slapping the fresh dough against the oven's intensely hot, curved walls. The meats are pre-treated with yogurt and a special blend of Indian spices for a period of twenty four hours. Then they are cooked in their own juices over a bed of hot charcoal inside the oven.

Choose from a large selection of entrees including the tandoori and vindaloo cuisine. Specialties include tandoori chicken, lamb. quail, lobster, fish, shrimp, and curried dished. All dishes are served steaming hot, with a warm smile. You will find our preparations to be fully authentic. Good food and a warm welcome will make you feel at home.

Try our Indian lager beers or a bottle of wine with your dinner. Daily lunch buffet is Monday through Friday is $10.99. Saturday and Sunday champagne brunch is $14.99 and dinner is seven days a week.

The tasteful solution to lunches and dinners whether you are in the office, between reports, attending meetings, organizing special occasions, or dashing home after a heavy workout.

All dinner entrees are prepared especially for you, so please allow ample time our chef to accomodate your taste preference


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